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The Vikan mop guide

What mop to use, where and why!

This guide will be of great help when you want to quickly check which of our mops works best for each individual task.
Of course, all the mops offer several advantages but, for the sake of simplicity, this guide focuses on just one or a few characteristics of each mop.
The aim is to make it easier for you to choose the right mop, and provide you with a short-cut to achieving the best possible cleaning result.

image Dry mops

The high content of Vikan ultra microfibre insures that large quantities of dust and dirt particles can be removed by the mop with an extremely low level of friction.

Damp/Dry mops

Microfibre technology enables damp and dry cleaning now with the same powerful mop. Designed for use in hotels, hospitals and other facilities.

Wet mops

Wet mops are used in those areas where soaking is necessary to achieve the best possible results. Excess water must be dried up.

Special Mops

Vikan has a number of special mops, each developed for a specific purpose.

Dry mops     

Dry 24 Item number: 5471xx

500_washes_guarantee* mop vikan 5471*
image Floor Dirt 40 cm
60 cm
All floors, corridors. Wax or soap treated.

• High level of larger,
loose dirt particles
• Dust

• Polyester fur mop for dust and larger particles.
• Ideal for dust sweeping all types of hard, flat floors where dry mopping may replace damp or wet mopping.
• The fibres pick up dust, dirt and hairs.
• Mop is ideal for use in corridors and other high traffic areas.

DampDry mops     

DampDry 31 Item number: 5476xx

500_washes_guarantee mop vikan 5476*
Floor Dirt Pocket
25 cm
40 cm
60 cm
Hard/smooth floors. Not wax or soap treated.

• Stubborn dirt
• Bacteria
• Dust

• Suited for damp and dry cleaning.
• Designed for use in hotels, hospitals and other facilities where hygiene is critical.
• DampDry 31 enables damp and dry cleaning with a single advanced microfibre mop.
• Centre is enhanced with polyester to reduce friction when damp-mopping.

Damp 42 Item number: 5495xx

nordic eco label 500_washes_guarantee

mop vikan 5495*

Floor Dirt Pocket
25 cm
40 cm
60 cm
Hard/smooth floors. Wax or soap treated.

• Stubborn dirt

• Manufactured using a blend of microfibre and viscose.
• Damp 42 is the perfect all-rounder for most hard floors.
• The viscous deposits tiny water particles to assist the unique microfibre wave pattern and looped fringe to pick up dirt and bacteria in a one-step cleaning process.

Damp 43 Item number: 5496xx

nordic eco label 500_washes_guarantee

mop vikan 5496*

Floor Dirt Pocket
25 cm
40 cm
60 cm
Hard/flat and structured floors.

• Loose dirt
• Gravel
• Sand

mop vikan 549643 549643
mop vikan 549644 549644

• Designed for medium to heavily soiled areas, the tough microfibre yarn loops pick up dirt and sand.
• Simultaneously, the cut loops absorb and transport moisture for greater coverage, depositing the right amount of water to ensure an effective clean in high-traffic areas.

Damp 47 Item number: 5485xx


mop vikan 5485*

Floor Dirt Pocket
  40 cm
Tiles and structured floors.

• Fat
• Grease

mop vikan 548544 548544

• Greasy floors in kitchens present a major challenge to most microfibre mops, but not Damp 47.
• The unique weave allows an increase microfibre content, without the normally associated loss in productivity.
• Damp 47 gives outstanding performance on tiles and other structured hard floors.

Damp 48 Item number: 5487xx

mop vikan 5487*
image Floor Dirt Pocket
25 cm
40 cm
60 cm
All types of flooring.

• Sand
• Gravel
• Fine dust

• Continuously developed over many years.
• Damp 48 is ideal for medium/heavy soiling on smooth floor surfaces.
• The raised microfibre stripes help cut through even the toughest of dirt, whilst the fringed edge helps collect the heavier particles.

mop vikan preparation
vikan preparation quantity

Wet mops     

Wet 61 Item number: 5454xx

mop vikan 5454* mop vikan 5454*
image Floor Dirt Pocket
40 cm
60 cm
Hard/flat and structured floors. Halls, staircases.

• Sand
• Gravel
• Particles
• Stains

mop vikan 545543 545443
mop vikan 545444 545444

• Yarn mop for wet cleaning.
• Not wooden floors or untreated linoleum.

Wet Scrub Item number: 5482xx

mop vikan 5482*

Floor Dirt Pocket
25 cm
40 cm
60 cm
Non-slip floors. Not suitable on wooden or untreated linoleum.

• Stubborn stains
• Dirt build up

• Daily cleaning of abrasive safety flooring will not always remove the deepest ground in dirt.
• Heel marks can also prove a persistent nuisance, especially on lighter coloured finishes.
• Wet Scrub mop has been developed to deal with both problems.

Special mops     

Interior Mop Item number: 548400

mop vikan 500_washes_guarantee

mop vikan 548400*

Surfaces Dirt Pocket
Hard surfaces.

• Dust
• Sand

• Interior mop, ideal for dusting small spaces and difficult areas.
• The microfibres pick up dust, dirt and hairs using static electricity when the mop is used dry.
• Slightly dampened, the mop loosens dirt and grease.
• Can be used for high-level cleaning with any telescopic handle from the Vikan microfibre range.
• 548400 to be used with 377018.

Flat Interior Mop
Item number: 549025

mop vikan 549025

Surfaces Dirt 25 cm
Tables and boards.

• Fine dirt
• Dust

• Flat interior microfiber mop contains micro fibre and therefore extremely effective against ground in dirt.
• Ideal for cleaning tables and boards.

Window Mop Item number: 5491xx

mop vikan 5491*

Surfaces Dirt 25 cm
40 cm
Windows, mirrors, white boards. High-gloss surfaces.

• Streaks
• Grease
• Dust

• A mop for efficient cleaning and polishing of high-gloss surfaces.
• Such as glazing, mirrors and aluminium and other metal surfaces.

Easy Shine Kit Item number: 549101

mop vikan 549101

Surfaces Dirt
Areas such as windows, mirrors, white boards. High-gloss surfaces.

• Streaks
• Grease
• Dust

• Ideal for cleaning verticle high-gloss surfaces such as windows, mirrors, ceramic tiles, stainless steel, melamine and plastics.
• Contains: 5 x window mops 549125, 5 x lustre cloth 691518, 1 x spray bottle, 1 x mopframe and 1 x telescopic handle 295618.

Ultra Hygiene Squeegee

-Ultra Hygiene Table Squeegee

This is the ultimate floor squeegee for in an environment which must meet the highest level of hygiene such as: the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, intensive livestock etc.
Safety is paramount in both design and the materials used. The full one-piece moulded single-blade floor squeegee also makes it easy to keep the floor squeegee clean. There is no chance for dirt and bacteria, even the material used can be autoclaved at 121°C.

Vikan’s Floor squeegee with single-blade offers many unique advantages:

  • High food safety due to a full plastic construction
  • Optimal stability on large surfaces
  • Approved materials meet FDA and EU Directive
  • Autoclavable up to 121°C
  • Colour coding with zone classification increases HACCP support
  • Available in many sizes and colours to optimise tasks

                    71503 detail round


  250 mm 400 mm 500 mm 600 mm 700 mm
Ultra Hygiene Table Squeegee 7125        
Ultra Hygiene Squeegee   7140 7150 7160 7170



Hygienic Squeegee

-Hygienic Squeegee Revolving Neck
-Hygiëne Replacement Cassette
-Hygienic Table Squeegee


With a revolutionary design of our one-piece moulded double-blade cassette floor squeegee we managed to apply maximum efficiency and food safety in the design. To produce an optimally functioning cleaning tool and to redevelop the very best the Vikan product developers completely started from scratch. This has resulted in a construction which is both easy to work with as well as easy to clean. The series consists of a hand squeegee, floor squeegee and floor squeegee with a swivel head.


Vikan's 2C double-blade floor squeegee offers large improvement in design, functionality and material:

  • Improved cleaning (also on tile floors) by means of the two components rubber
  • Increased food safety due to the fully moulded construction
  • Easier to clean the wiper due to removable cassette
  • Optimum flexibility in design with a swivel head
  • Optimum stability with the fixed floor squeegee
  • Approved materials meet FDA and EU Directive
  • Colour coding with zone classification increases HACCP support
  • Available in many sizes and colours to optimise tasks

77133 detail round



250 mm 400 mm 500 mm 600 mm 700 mm
Hygienic Table Squeegee 7711        
Hygienic Squeegee   7712 7713 7714 7715

Hygienic Squeegee Revolving Neck

  7722 7723 7724 7725




-Squeegee Revolving Neck
-Replacement Cassette
-Table Squeegee


The best choice for good cleaning with the focus on efficiency and economy. Our very popular floor squeegee with rubber cassette is available as hand squeegee, floor squeegee and floor squeegee with a swivel head. The three models are equipped with a rubber with a double-blade, which is available as a replaceable cassette in black and white. 
With the new design this floor squeegee is optimised for fast and efficient water dispersing. Saving money just got even easier because replacing the rubber cassette is very easy.

Vikan's classic floor squeegees distinguish themselves:

  • The double rubber ensures better and more effective cleaning
  • Reduces the cost, cassette with rubber can easily be replaced
  • The cassette is easy to loosen for cleaning
  • Optimum flexibility, easily reaches under tables and in corners (swivel head)
  • Optimum stability with the fixed floor squeegee
  • Cleaning of equipment to 100°C
  • Colour coding with zone classification increases HACCP support
  • Available in many sizes and colours to optimise tasks

77533 detail round


  250 mm 400 mm 500 mm 600 mm 700 mm
Table Squeegee 7751        
Squeegee   7752 7753 7754 7755

Squeegee Revolving Neck

  7762 7763 7764




Choose the right floor squeegee for the job.

It is important to choose the right floor squeegee in order to achieve the highest efficiency and best hygiene.
The following table displays the suitability for different types of floors and ensures Food Safety.


Food safety

Water removal Food safety
 Smooth floor   Structured floor  FDA  EU Directive 
Ultra Hygienic Squeegee ** * Yes 10/2011
Hygienic Squeegee *** ** Yes 10/2011


*** ***      No     No