Face Mask OKE set 1000 Pcs non medical

330,21 €
330,21 €
Sales price without tax 330,21 €
Face Mask set with 1000 pieces of interchangeable protective fleece (disposable), 100 * mounting rubbers and 200 * reusable multiclips.
Non Medical MADE in GERMANY

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Family & Friends Pack

High-quality reusable non-medical face mask with optimal hygiene through exchangeable fleece. The set consists of 1000 pieces of interchangeable fleece, 200 pieces of reusable multiclip holder and 100 pieces of elastic.

No medical mask

OKE masks are for ordinary people and offer sufficient protection in public transport to allow passengers to travel safely. Medical masks are intended for medical purposes for use by medical professionals and in hospitals.

Easy to change

The protective fleece is clamped between the reusable multiclips and is easy to change. After all, every journey on public transport requires a clean mouth mask. Each package contains clear instructions for use with instructions for hygienically changing the protective fleece.

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