The company The company was established in 1896 in Copenhagen by the brazier Waldemar Nielsen - under the name Vald. Nielsen Metalvarefabrik. The company developed steadily under the Nielsen family ownership until the late 60s. Due to lack of space it was decided to relocate the plant to more modern premises in Haderslev. In 1969-70 a modern factory designed for industrial production was built. During this period the original NITO couplings achieved an increasing share of the company’s turnover. Other products from this period were the NIF gas taps, OPAL showers, and TOKANI drinking valves. In connection with an impending generational change in the early 1980s the company was taken over by NKT A/S and became a fully owned subsidiary of A/S Fisker & Nielsen (Nilfisk Group). Under this ownership the name was in 1985 changed to Nitodan A/S, which reflected the company’s main product. Today the company name is NITO A/S. As part of changing strategies in the NKT group, the company was sold off in 1995. Today NITO A/S is owned by Vikan A/S.