Iron Active Pulitore per ruote 1 liter

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IRON-ACTIVE is a pH neutral wheel cleaner that effectively dissolves dirt, brake dust, fly rust and other iron oxide-based contaminants.

Easy to process

IRON-ACTIVE removes dirt, oil and grease and contains special raw materials that react with iron oxide-based soiling, such as brake dust, fly rust and iron filings. The pH neutral formula dissolves stubborn dirt, as a result of which a red glow is visible. The light gel-shape ensures optimal adhesion to surfaces for which the contact time is improved. Due to the active formula, brushing / rubbing is only necessary for stubborn dirt. IRON-ACTIVE can be safely applied to rims, car paints and glass, provided it does not dry.


  • Removes fast and effective brake dust, fly rust and iron filings
  • Also has a strong dirt, oil and grease loosening effect
  • Is pH neutral and safe for the substrate
  • Attaches well to vertical surfaces thanks to the gel shape
  • Remains wet for a long time and therefore has less tendency to dry


Apply the cleaner with a sprayer, undiluted to a wet, cold rim and brush it
then light up. In the case of heavily soiled rims, it is advisable to use a second one immediately after brushing,
small dosage. After a working-in time of 4-6 minutes, spray the rim with the help of
a high-pressure cleaner and plenty of water, clean. Do not allow the cleaner to dry.

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