9-5 Toolflex One 94 cm Rail con 5 x P-01 Supporto

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Toolflex One Tool Holder
for all handles Ø 15 to 35 mm

Toolflex One designed according to Hygienic Design
suitable for the food processing industry.

Cleaning tools for the Food Industry must be clearly arranged in a Food Grade holder. The Toolflex One System is designed according to Hygienic Design and suitable for diameters from Ø 15 to 35 mm. Keeping the aluminum rail, holder and back wall clean is now easier. All parts can be disassembled without tools and are easily washable and even autoclavable. The holders are made of recyclable approved materials that comply with strict regulations such as EC 1935/2004, EU 10/2011 and FDA.   

The system can be expanded by simply connecting extra rails and placing more holders.

Toolflex One HACCP

Toolflex One

The next generation of Toolflex

  • Hygienic Design
  • Click ’n Go function
  • One holder fits all (Ø15–35 mm handles)
  • Approved for Food Contact
  • HACCP Compliant
  • Made in Sweden


Toolflex One is ideal for the following segments

  • Kitchen and restaurants
  • Food and Beverage process industry
  • Institutions
  • Hotel and Lodging
  • Healthcare
  • Retail

Innovative Packaging

More than just a box

  • Follows the concept Everything in its place
  • Box interior works as mounting template
  • Printed illustrations as well as QR code for assembly
  • 100% recyclable
  • Easy install in < 5 minutes
  • Measure - Screw brackets - Align rail - Click bracket - Install Holder - Done


Food approved

HCV–EU Certified

HACCP Compliance Verification

NSF Certified

Food safety

  • Durable and recyclable
  • Food approved according to EC regulation 1935/2004 and EU regulation 10/2011
  • FDA approved (CFR21)
  • Masterbatches comply with resolution AP 89 (1)
  • Autoclavable (+121°C)

  • Based on European legislation and guidelines such as EC 1934 / 2004 for food contact materials and EN 1672-2 for hygienic design
  • Verifies that Toolflex One meets the requirements for a HACCP-controlled environment

  • NSF is an accredited, independent third-party certification body that tests and certifies products to verify that they meet these public health and safety standards.
  • Toolflex One is NSF certified according to NSF / ANSI 2 Food Equipment

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