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Abena Vitrile Medical Powder-Free Examination Gloves CAT III with smooth surface. Vitrile has all the advantages of Nitrile and Vinyl and contains no latex proteins. Suitable for medical treatment, food handling and cleaning tasks, etc. 100 pieces in dispenser box. EN420, EN455-1/2/3/4 Class I EN388, EN 374-1/2/3/4/5 CAT III

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Vitrile Examination Gloves Powder-Free

Powder-free Vitrile examination gloves are made from a mix of Nitrile and Vinyl and are very suitable for all kinds of applications.
The strong material Vitrile makes donning easy and contains no Latex. Vitrile is a safe alternative against Latex allergy.


These gloves offer the highest degree of protection and are intended for use in the prevention of fatal risks or for risks that can cause serious and irreversible damage to health and where the designer assumes that the user cannot perceive the acute effects in time. These gloves also offer protection against viruses (EN 374-5 (2016).

Food processing

The Abena Vitrile gloves are allowed to come into contact with foodstuffs as they comply with Regulation (EC) 1935/2004. This regulation states that materials that come into direct or indirect contact with food must not release any quantity of substances that endanger human health or cause an unacceptable change in the composition of the food or a change in odour, colour or taste. The glass-and-fork symbol indicates that the product is safe for contact with food.
Caution: not suitable for greasy food.


If you want a cheaper alternative to Nitrile gloves, Vitrile is the perfect glove. Easy to don, strong material with no chance of a latex allergy and resistant to chemicals. Vitrile disposable gloves are soft and pliable, which makes them extremely convenient and comfortable for prolonged use in cleaning.


Forget all other types, this glove is really suitable for many applications:

  • Garage work
  • Medical, dental and veterinary
  • Food production and preparation
  • Painters
  • Laboratory & Pharmaceutical
  • Janitorial
  • Hairdressers and beauticians
  • etc..........................


Abena's medical Vitrile examination gloves are available in Blue and Black in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.
To avoid cross contamination and safely choose the right glove, the dispenser box is colour coded.
Use the colour that suits you best or choose coloured gloves for specific tasks!


Abena gloves meet all European legal requirements, standards and norms, are extensively tested and IFS / BRC certified.
Packaged in recognizable dispenser box of 100 pieces and available from 100 pieces in overpack.



Brand: Abena
Sub-brand: Excellent
Color: blue
Material: vinyl
Technical ingredients: Polyvinyl chloride, Nitrile rubber, Plasticizer, Calcium zinc stabilizer, Colorants, Zinc dibutyl dithiocarbamate, Pigment
Properties: latex free, low grip, rolled cuff, smooth
Single or multiple use: single use
Size: S
Length/depth: 240 mm
Width: 85 mm
Thickness: 0,08 mm
Certifications: CAT III, CE, Food contact materials
Product or test standards: AQL 1.5, EN 374-1:2016 Type B KPT, EN 374-5:2016 VIRUS, EN 420, EN 455
CE Class (Medical Devices): Class I
CE Category (Personal Protective Equipment): CAT III
Directives, regulations and acts: 10/2011/EU, 2016/425/EEC, 2017/745/MDR
Storage Instructions: Store dry, clean and at room temperature.
Product Disposal Instructions: To be disposed of with ordinary household waste. If contaminated, dispose of as clinical waste.