Vikan 524752 Washing Brush + 297152C Telescopic Handle 1060-1600 mm

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Vikan 524752 Washing brush 280 mm water permeable with the telescopic handle water permeable Vikan 297152C 1060 - 1600 mm and Gardena connection.
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Topper among washing brushes

The curved design of this car wash brush with exceptional soft bristles ensures that the bristles always stay in contact with the surface to be cleaned. The rounded corners and the rubber bumpers prevent your delicate surfaces from being damaged. The soft, split hairs in the recognizable green and red Vikan colors make efficient cleaning easy. Scratch-free cleaning with soft, split hairs anchored in a water-permeable PE block.

Multifunctional use

Vikan 524752 is the washing brush used multifunctionally by both the professional and the individual. Originally designed to wash trucks, buses, planes and passenger cars, the car wash brush is suitable for many applications. Window cleaners, cleaning companies, car washes and individuals have used this success for years. The underside of gutters, woodwork, glass facades and solar panels for businesses and individuals are easy to clean.

Telescopic handle

Vikan 297152C water permeable telescopic handle with Gardena connection. Insulated exterior for a comfortable grip. Easily adjustable from 1060 to 1600 mm at a maximum water pressure of 6 bar.

Hose Coupling not included! 

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