Vikan 691218 Vikan Microfibre Glove 260 mm Grey

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Perfect for general cleaning, commonly used on hand rails in particular stainless steel. Can be used on all kinds of hard surfaces. Used dry it picks up and retains the smallest dust and dirt particles by static electricity. Damp with water it absorbs dirt and grease by the capillary effect.

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GTIN-13 Number5705026912188
GTIN-14 Number15705026912185
Commodity Code6307101000
500 Wash Usage GuaranteeYes
Material80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide (100% Microfibre)
Box Quantity5 Pcs.
Length260 mm
Width200 mm
Height8 mm
Net Weight0.037 kg
Country of originEstonia
Max cleaning temperature (Autoclave)95 °Celsius
Max. drying temperature55 °Celsius