Boisen Nitril Ultra Sensitive Gloves Blue Powder Free S-M-L-XL

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10,26 €
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Abena Nitrile Ultra Sensitive examination Powder-Free Glove that fits to the shape of the hand during use and provides ultra sensitivity. Can be used for a variety of Low-Risk tasks such as cleaning, care, food handling etc. Contains no latex proteins so safe for use in the event of latex allergy.

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Original Abena product Temporarily labeled as BOISEN

Abena Ultra Sensitive Nitril Examination Gloves Powder Free

Powder Free Nitril Examination Gloves Ultra Sensitive are made from synthetic rubber and suitable for many applications..
The strong Nitril material makes the gloves very easy to slide on and contains no latex proteins. Nitril a safe alternative for people with latex allergy.

Color Coded Gloves

Abena’s examination gloves are available in Color Pink, Green, Blue, White, Orange, Purple and Black and different sizes ranking from XS to XXL.
In order to avoid Cross Contamination and to make it easy for our customers to identify the right glove, we have designed the glove dispenser boxes in different colors.
Use the specific color you find most suitable for your business – or mix and match to have color code gloves for every task!


All of our disposable gloves are classified and comply with all the requirements of the EN455 standards and CE labelling, Abena is IFS / BRC certified.
Packed in a 100-piece recognizable dispenser box and available from 10 * 100 pieces in a package.


  • Colors
  • Reduced cross contamination
  • Powder free
  • Free of latex protein
  • Safe for People with Latex Allergy
  • Suitable for Food Industry
  • High comfort
  • High sensitivity
  • Strong material
  • Protect
  • Good grip by microtexture at fingertips
  • EN455
  • CAT I
  • CE

Base name: Ultra-Sensitive Nitrile glove
Brand: Abena
Sub-brand: Ultra sensitive
Shelf Life: 5 years
Color: blue
Material: nitrile
Technical ingredients: Nitrile, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc oxide, Sulfur, ZDBC, Hindered phenol, Potassium Hydroxide, PL 1508, PL 1511
Properties: latex free, finger textured, rolled cuff, sensitive
Features: powder free
Single or multiple use: single use
Size: XL
Length/depth: 240 mm
Width: 115 mm
Thickness: 0,04 mm
Weight, net: 2,6 g
Certifications: CE, Food contact materials, CAT I
Product or test standards: AQL 1.5
CE Category (Personal Protective Equipment): CAT I
Directives, regulations and acts: 425/2016/EU
Product Description: Elastic and adapts to the shape of the hand during use. Extra high sensitivity. Can be used for a variety of tasks such as short cleaning tasks and food handling. Contains no latex proteins therefore safe for use in the event of latex allergy.
Instructions for use/application: Examine the gloves for flaws and defects before use.
Storage Instructions: Store dry, clean and at room temperature.
Product Disposal Instructions: Dispose with household waste.
Packaging Disposal Instructions: Can be recycled or incinerated.

Price per piece.
Can be ordered per piece.
In box: 100